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Our Competitive Edge: Cohesive Planning, Development, and Production Structure

At our headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Japan and overseas, we have implemented a cohesive system spanning from planning and design to production.

  1. 01 Planning and Development

    We attend trade shows both domestically and abroad to keep up with global trends and stay updated with the latest information. Using our deep understanding of shoe materials, we’re constantly working towards enhancing comfort and walking ease, while also innovating new products and designs. To ensure the best fit possible, we craft new lasts, moulds and patterns for our new styles. This approach guides our planning and development efforts, always with our customers’ needs in mind.

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  2. 02 Materials

    We acquire materials customized to our customers’ requirements from suppliers worldwide, spanning Japan, China, and various other countries. These materials are then delivered to our production facilities, both locally and internationally.
    If suitable materials aren’t readily available, we work closely with suppliers to develop them.
    Additionally, we streamline inventory and maintain supply consistency to support seamless manufacturing operations.
    This is how we deliver top quality solutions.

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  3. 03 Technology

    Drawing upon our well-established technical know-how and proven track record, we conduct comprehensive tests to ensure durability under real-world conditions, adhering to our company’s stringent material standards honed over years of experience.
    We offer guidance to production facilities, suggesting efficient manufacturing processes, and provide on-site technical support both domestically and internationally as required.
    Continuously gathering insights from past issues, we prioritize product quality and safeguard our customers’ brand reputation by implementing preventive measures and ongoing improvements.

  4. 04 Manufacturing

    To improve quality standards both domestically and abroad, we’ve set up our own manufacturing facilities and offices overseas.
    In these locations, local staff members with our company’s production management experience and a deep understanding of Japanese quality standards oversee the entire process from product development to shipment.
    By offering customized technical guidance for customer orders and suggesting enhancements for production efficiency, we establish an optimal production management system.

  5. 05 Quality Control

    We offer guidance and share insights to foster a deeper understanding of Japanese quality standards at our overseas factories. Furthermore, we continually monitor the challenges encountered by each factory during the manufacturing process, assess improvement measures and potential changes to product specifications, and maintain stringent quality control to ensure product excellence.
    The quality upheld through our meticulous management processes across various manufacturing stages, including material sourcing, sample production, cutting, sewing, and moulding, safeguards our customers’ brand reputation.

  6. 06 Import and Export

    When transporting our own products and those of various brands from both domestic and overseas factories and suppliers, we prioritize compliance with regulations in each country and carefully select the most efficient transportation methods between nations.
    Additionally, we offer direct delivery from overseas factories to designated regions abroad. Through meticulous selection of transportation methods, expedited customs procedures, and minimized lead times from shipment to receipt, we consistently meet the needs of our customers.
    This comprehensive system also underscores our strength.

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