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Empowering Brighter Lives for Individuals through Footwear

Founded in Shizuoka in 1938 as a manufacturer of traditional Japanese lacquered geta sandals, our company’s history began here.

We are deeply committed to crafting sandals and shoes prioritizing quality, with an emphasis on both ‘comfort when wearing’ and ‘ease of walking’. From the meticulous design of the soles to the careful selection of materials, and, of course, the overall design of the footwear itself, everything is crafted with originality in mind.

Our designers, developers, production staff, as well as sales and management personnel, all share the same focus: how to bring joy to our customers. Our strength lies in our shared dedication to creating footwear that proudly grace store shelves. This strength is our source of pride. When our footwear, painstakingly crafted, perfectly fits our customers’ feet and effortlessly supports their everyday walking, it brings us immense happiness.

The satisfaction of bringing joy to our customers motivates us to pursue excellence in all our future endeavours. We believe that if this motivation circulates and contributes even slightly to making the world a better place through our footwear, it would be a very fulfilling endeavour.

Our vision is to empower individuals through our footwear. This is achieved through rigorous quality control and an unyielding pursuit of comfort. Not only do we boast an exceptionally low defect rate compared to others in the industry, but based on the conviction that “health begins at the foot”, our employees work tirelessly to create new and improved footwear with superior comfort.

We aspire to create products that resonate with our customers’ hearts. “Fit your feet, fit your walk” – our slogan reflects our commitment to crafting products that suit anyone’s feet and walking style perfectly. Ultimately, it encapsulates our heartfelt desire to “Fit your heart” – to create products that resonate with everyone’s emotions and desires.

CEO, Yuichi Tanemoto

  • purpose

    Fit your feet, fit your heart.

    The foot is such an important part of the body that it is often referred to as the second heart and the shoes that protect the foot are a very important tool that connects people to the world. It is our pleasure to be able to support our customers on their feet every day.

  • mission

    We create footwear that is trusted and loved by our customers, supporting lifestyles from the feet up.

    We support our customers by creating footwear that they can trust and love. Our footwear is made of high-quality materials that are durable and long lasting. We will continue to manufacture and sell products that reach the hearts of our customers.

  • vision

    To aim to be a company relevant in the market for 100 years and beyond.

    Our shoes are comfortable, fashionable and, with the right care, can be worn for a long time. Our products are designed to have minimal impact on the environment, while providing high levels of wearer satisfaction. As a footwear manufacturer, the actions we can take are limited, however as a company that aims to encourage development of future generations from the feet up, we will continue to strive to present a positive image to people who wear our footwear and aim to be a company relevant in the market for the next 100 years and beyond.

code of conduct

Daimatu has established a Code of Conduct and guidelines to share important ideas and values about our corporate activities.

Daimatu’s Code Of Conduct (PDF)