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OEM & ODM at Daimatu

With over 80 years of expertise and technical know-how from collaborations with both domestic and international brands, Daimatu offers comprehensive OEM & ODM services.
Our integrated system covers everything from design to manufacturing, helping to boost your company’s competitiveness.
Consider Daimatu’s OEM & ODM services to enhance your product range or develop new offerings for existing brands.

Extensive OEM & ODM experience with domestic and international brands

Daimatu, renowned for producing and selling over 2 million pairs annually, is a leading domestic sandal manufacturer with a stellar record in both production and sales.
Our integrated system spans planning, design, manufacturing, and sales, enabling us to offer a varied range of products tailored to meet market demands.
This encompasses our own brands, licensed brands, and OEM & ODM services, reflecting our dedication to innovation and quality in every pair we craft.

Sandal ODM Sneaker ODM

Daimatu’s OEM & ODM Edge

  1. Differentiation through Design and Materials

    To enhance originality, we offer suggestions starting from the design and materials. Our designers, along with our sales and marketing staff, work together as a unified team to support the creation of new products. We’re all about collaboration to bring fresh, innovative ideas to life.

    Shoe OEM Leather shoe OEM Sandal OEM Sneaker OEM
  2. Global Material Network

    You can benefit from our global network for sourcing materials. Not only can you choose from various shapes and materials, but we also readily accommodate changes, including alterations to the upper design.

    Shoe OEM Leather shoe OEM Sandal OEM Sneaker OEM
  3. Balancing Design with Comfort

    We’re committed to offering high-quality products that are not only stylish but also focus on comfort, durability, and longevity.

    Shoe OEM Leather shoe OEM Sandal OEM Sneaker OEM

The OEM & ODM workflow

The basic process from initial consultation to final delivery.
Depending on specifications, we can expedite delivery times. Feel free to reach out for advice.

  1. Step 01

    Initial Consultation

    Estimated time frame: 5 days

    Share your product or brand idea and your vision for the final product. We’ll work with you to craft your perfect pair of shoes, considering your preferences and any specific details you have in mind. Feel free to discuss your budget, delivery time, and any other concerns.

  2. Step 02


    Estimated time frame: 25 days

    Drawing from insights gathered during the consultation phase, our designers will collaborate closely with the sales and marketing teams to develop the design. We will produce an initial design draft, ensuring it not only captures aesthetics but also prioritizes functionality, safety, and reflects your company’s image.

  3. Step 03

    Sample Production and Refinements

    Estimated time frame: 30 days

    We’ll create samples while ensuring comfort and fit. We’ll utilize the expertise and techniques honed by Daimatu during the product development process. Once completed, the samples will be presented to your company for review, and adjustments will be made until you are satisfied.

  4. Step 04

    Final Sample

    Estimated time frame: 30 days

    We’ll finalize specifications before beginning manufacturing.

  5. Step 05

    Finalization and Ordering

    Estimated time frame: 90 – 120 days

    Production facilities are selected based on the product specifications. We provide high-quality products under stringent quality control, both domestically and internationally.
    We choose production facilities according to product specifications, ensuring high-quality products through rigorous quality control measures, both domestically and internationally.

  6. Step 06


    The period from the initial consultation to final delivery is approximately 7 months, however this can vary depending on the product specifications.


Yes, it’s possible. Depending on your specific requirements, we will select the most suitable manufacturing facility from our own factories domestically and overseas, as well as collaborating factories in China, and guide you through the process from sample development.

We have a global network allowing us to offer a wide range of materials including natural leather, textiles, artificial leather, synthetic leather and textiles, rubber, and resin. We can also arrange for accessories and secondary materials such as tapes, buckles, charms, and zippers. Rest assured, we will guide you to the materials and manufacturing facilities that best suit your needs.

The minimum order quantity is 1000 pairs for sandals and 500 pairs for shoes. However, depending on the conditions, such as cost adjustments or domestic production, it may be possible to manufacture smaller quantities. Please contact us for further information.

As a rule, the timeframe from order to delivery is 90 to 120 days.
However, depending on the materials and specifications, an additional planning and development period of 60 to 90 days may be required.

We’ll start by reaching out via email or phone to grasp your needs, like reference designs.
Depending on your requirements – be it the product, materials, specifications, delivery schedule, batch size, or desired selling price – we’ll choose a manufacturing facility. Afterward, we’ll offer an estimate and simulation before proceeding.