Company Overview | Daimatu Inc.

Company Overview

Trade Name Daimatu Inc.
Representative CEO Yuichi Tanemoto
Business Overview A comprehensive footwear company. Planning and production, import, export
Address Nishiwaki 435, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City 422-8044


Our company’s history since 1938 and our hit products.

  1. 1930s

    1938 October: Tanemoto Seikichi Store is established as a manufacturer or Japanese lacquered geta sandals.
  2. 1950s

    Wooden sandals named Pearl Mode become a hit with the public and received the National Invention Award.
    2 million pairs were sold in the four years since its launch in 1954.

    1950 March: Tanemoto Seikichi Store is renamed to Daimatu Store and established in Sanbancho, Shizuoka City, with Tanemoto Katsujiro as CEO.
    1954 September: The wooden sandals Pearl Mode idea is conceived, manufactured and becomes hugely popular, receiving the National Invention Award.
  3. 1960s

    Transitioning from wooden to vinyl sandals, the brands Caravan and Paul were released in 1965, becoming huge hits. Over the span of 10 years until 1975, Caravan sold 5 million pairs, while Paul sold 3 million pairs.

    Soins Nurse Sandals, which can be said to be the prototype of our original brand Pure Walker, gathered support from many women working in the medical field due to their lightness and clean colouring, selling 4 million pairs.

    1961 May: Construction and start of operations of the Fujieda manufacturing facility (4200 tsubo) in Takasu, Fujieda City.
    1961 September: Company changes its name to Daimatu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
    1967 June: Expansion of sandal exports to the U.S.A, Indonesia, and the Middle East. Certified by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) as a country with strong growth in export.
  4. 1970s

    The men’s sandals brand Pointer, introduced in 1971, became a long-standing success, selling 10 million pairs over 35 years until 2004.

    1970 February: PT Daimatu Industries, a joint venture with Mitsubishi Corporation, is established in Surabaya, Indonesia.
    1973 June: The five-story head office building is constructed in Nishiwaki, Shizuoka City.
  5. 1980s

    A number of fashion sandals targeted at women in their teens and twenties are released.

    The colourful and cute designs of the Pocketer sandals were popular, especially among young women, and their one-piece PVC moulding made them water-resistant, durable and lightweight.

    1983 March: Formally registered as a user of the IMG and Arnold Palmer trademark.
  6. 1990s

    Catering to professional women in the workplace, the BIO brand was launched. The brand offered stylish designs that seamlessly paired with office attire, offering comfort akin to sneakers.

    BIO gained popularity not only for their ease of wear and fatigue resistance but also for their ability to be fully submerged in water for washing, ensuring effortless maintenance.

    1991 February: The new Nakajima Warehouse is constructed in Nakajima, Shizuoka City.
    1997 October: Formally registered as a user of the EDWIN trademark.
    1999 January: Construction of a new product warehouse for headquarters.
  7. 2000s

    With comfort as its fundamental concept, the lady’s footwear brand Croissant is introduced with a diverse lineup of sandals and boots.

    Leather construction ensures a comfortable fit, garnering popularity and remaining a long-standing hit product that continues to adorn and protect the feet of many.

    2001 October: Yaizu Factory in Hon-Nakane, Yaizu City is acquired and operations begin.
    2005 March: Company name is changed to Daimatu Inc.
    2005 December: Tokyo office is established.
  8. 2010s

    Certified as a factory for a certain well-known brand. Models are produced in collaboration with national and international apparel brands each season, gaining immense popularity.

    2015 June: Aoi Footwear is established in Cambodia.
    2017 November: Tokyo office is relocated to Sendagaya.
  9. 2020s

    Arnold Palmer’s sneakers and sandals gain popularity due to their design, comfort and lightweight feel.

    Court-style sneakers, lightweight slip-ons and sports sandals are added to the standard lineup.

    2020 August: Daimatu Inc. and Seed Corporation are merged into a holding company, The SEED.
    2023 June: Secured patent for our innovative heel structure that enables seamless hands-free functionality.
    2023 September: Launched the hands-free shoes series “Slide Fit,” incorporating patented technology.