Production System

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Integrated system of production
from product design to distribution

With having the main operation at our head office, we have our production bases in Japan and overseas. We have built an integrated system of production, from product design to distribution, and directed trend marketing and product concept into our production.

Global Network

Complete quality management both in Japan and overseas

We have a complete quality management system in order to meet standards in Japan, and to provide safe and comfortable footwear to our customers.
For instance, we conduct X-ray inspections to check that any dangerous items, such as sewing needles, have not been accidentally left behind and that the footwear is completely safe to wear.

Find out more about our “Sandal-Making Standards” or “Production and Sales Records” in the following sections.

Here is the effort we make in order to realize great foot comfort.
Not just developing our own products, we also work with different industries.
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Our production and sales records for our 60-year business history.