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Over 200 million pairs per year
From original brands to licensed brands and OEM products, we bring a great variety of footwear to the market

Producing over 200 million pair of footwear, Daimatu has a great record as one of the leaders in production and sales in the domestic sandal market. We built an integrated production system, incorporating everything from product design to distribution, in order to produce a great variety of sandals and other footwear to meet the needs of the market.

Brand Lineup

pure walker, our enduring hit product

Our original brand “pure walker”, loved by many people since its launch in 1989, is a great example to demonstrate our planning and development abilities. We now have developed new lineups such as “pure walker UZU” and “pure walker Kirei”, to continue enhancing functionality and design.

pure walker’s site

Match with any style
“CROISSANT”, attracting many repeat customers

“CROISSANT” has lineups for many occasions and styles: a series to enjoy the true texture of leather; a series for elegant styles with heels; a series to brighten up your feet on rainy days or when gardening. A comfortable fit with a soft feel that matches many styles, like “CROISSANT”, “pure walker” also attracts many repeat customers and is our long-time hit product.

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Our hit products in the past


Our wooden sandal, “Pearl Mode”, became extremely popular and won the National Commendation for Invention. Over 2 million pairs had sold in 4 years since its launch in 1954.


Shifting from wooden sandals to plastic sandals. “Caravan” and “Paul” become big hits. “Caravan” sold over 5 million pair and “Paul” sold 3 million pair in 10 years, until 1975.

The prototype of our original brand “pure walker” is “Sowan”, sandals for nurses. It became very popular among women in medical practice with its light weight and neat color variations; it sold over 4 million pairs.


Our men’s sandal “Pointer”, launched in 1971, is a super long-time hit product which sold over 10 million pair in 35 years, until 2004.


Introduced many types of fashion sandals targeting women in their teens and twenties.

Colorful and cute, “Pocketter” gained popularity among young women. Its lightweight durability and water resistance, due to its PVC casting method, made them different from the rest.


Introduced “BIO” for women working in offices. They are stylish enough to coordinate with business suits, yet as comfortable as sneakers. Easy to wear and comfortable, they are very easy to care for – they can be washed with water. These aspects made them even more popular.


“CROISSANT” was launched with a wide variety of product lineup from sandals to rain boots with a basic concept of “comfort”. A comfortable fit with a soft feel attracting many people, they are one of our long-time hit product.

Pearl Mode
Caravan Paul Early nurse sandal
Pointer CHANTIC Pocketter

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Here is the effort we make in order to realize great foot comfort.
Not just developing our own products, we also work with different industries.
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Integrated production system: from product design to distribution.