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Let us handle making your original sandals and footwear

Our strengths are the technical know-how and the capabilities we accumulated over our 60-year business history, and also an efficient integrated production system that we use to conduct everything from design to manufacturing. We utilize them all to support our OEM or ODM clients to attain improved competitiveness. Our OEM or ODM production will help you expand your product lineups, or to introduce different concepts to your existing brand.

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Advantages of our OEM or ODM Production

Advantages of our OEM or ODM Production

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know about OEM・ODM Production of Daimatu in details.

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OEM or ODM Production Sample Materials for Uppers and Soles

The finished form or functionality of the products varies widely, depending on the materials. We consider the characteristics of the material, and then propose the best for the product concept. Here are the typical materials used for uppers and soles.

We also answer to your requests like production with small amounts, changing the upper design and printing the brand logo mark.

Characteristics of the Upper Material

Lots of colors and types are available. Smaller lots of production are available.

Artificial Leather
Water resistance. Lots of colors and patterns are also available.

Soft feel with great flexibility, it is also available in many colors and patterns.

Sole material

Urethane sole
Great resiliency and light weight.

Cork Sole
Good cushioning and it provides a casual look. Another advantage is a foot bed that is easy to foot.

Wooden Sole
Durable and its wood grain bring warmth to the finish.

Rubber Sole
Durable and great resiliency, it fits well to foot as you wear it.

General Flow of OEM or ODM Production

Here is a general flow to product delivery. The term shown here is just a general flow. Time to delivery can be shortened, depending on specifications, so please feel free to contact us.

Typical timeline for the spring and summer collection
Initial Meeting

Let us hear about your product(s) or brand’s concept(s) and how you imagine the finished product(s). We will certainly accommodate your ideas and small details of the product in order to produce your ideal footwear. We can also discuss the cost and the delivery date.


We will develop a design using a team led by designers, working with sales and marketing representatives, based on what we hear at the initial meeting. Then we propose a sample design with your image that considers not only the appearance but also the functionality and customer safety.

First sample

We make a product sample while confirming foot comfort and form fit. We utilize all of our know-how and technique that we have cultivated to your product. We will keep revising the product sample until you are completely satisfied.

Final sample

We decide the specifications before production.

December, January, February

We select a factory based on the product specifications. Both domestically and overseas, we produce high-quality products under strict quality controls that allow you to work with us free from anxiety.


Although it may vary depending on product specifications, most of the time we estimate the time from the initial meeting to delivery to be about 6 months.

For inquiries about OEM or ODM Production, please contact us by phone or email.

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Find out more about our “Sandal-Making Standards” or “Production and Sales Records” in the following content.

Here is the effort we make in order to realize great foot comfort.
Not just developing our own products, we also work with different industries.
Integrated production system: from product design to distribution.
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