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For more comfort
Producing footwear that makes you smile

Constantly seeking to improve the comfort of “Wearing and Walking”, Daimatu is working in cooperation with companies from different industries to develop new products.

Our team, led by designers, is developing new materials in order to meet the product concept of improved foot comfort

At the core of our new product development team we have more than 10 in-house designers. We send our designers to a number of trade shows overseas every year to gather information on the latest news and trends. They are professional footwear makers with a wealth of design and materials knowledge.

The team is comprised of these designers along with sales and marketing representatives working to improve foot comfort. In order to have the best materials for our product concepts, we develop new ones in cooperation with the material manufacturers. We also seek out previously undiscovered extra value for our clients.

Corporate Development with Different Industries

Collaboration 01

Seeking a new type of sandal

This adorable peanut-shell-shaped sandal, “peanutti”, is produced in collaboration with “D-BROS”, the product designer. Providing extra comfort with our comfort-sandal technology, this sandal is made to put a spring in your step and in your heart.


D-BROS is a product-branding company producing a variety of products such as stationery and home interior items in Japan and abroad.


Collaboration 02

Patent number 4057576
Patent pending number 134853
Revolutionary sandal developed by research and testing

“pure walker UZU” was jointly developed with a university laboratory. The water insole was developed after 5 years of research and testing, seeking the best way to use water vortex technology to stimulate the soles of the feet. Using water vortex technology, this sandal provides revolutionary new comfort and feeling.

Developer: Dr. Nobuyoshi Morita, professor emeritus at the University of Shizuoka

Specializing in mechanical design and oscillation engineering, he started to focus his attention on human body while studying robotics. He developed the water insole which absorbs shocks to the whole sole and applies support to the arches of the feet by water streams controlled and caused by walking. He received a patent as “insole for shoe bottom” in 2007.

soles by water vortex

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