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Foot comfort is what we pursue

Shapes and/or colors can be easily changed in any way you like, however a great foot comfort can not be achieved easily. We think that footwear without foot comfort would not fill the customers’ hearts with satisfaction.

It fits your feet, and your heart, too.

Daimatu is making sandals and footwear that fills your heart when you wear those.

Key points of the “Comfortableness” which Daimatu has been improving.

To provide you great foot comfort

We create foot comfort by making the best use of inventiveness in every process of production.


Extra value is not always created by colors or shapes

We create new products from a perspective of comfort and convenience, including special processing such as deodorization and sweat-absorbency. In order to have the best materials for the product concepts, we either select the best materials or we develop new ones in cooperation with the material manufacturers.

Crafting Technology

Technology that has been developed by hand

Paper patterns of each part and sewing techniques have a decisive influence on reliable quality and comfortable form fit. It is not easy to work flat materials like leather and fabric into three-dimensional figures without any trouble. We have developed our sewing techniques by hand so that our paper patterns are made utilizing our full knowledge and experience.


Making soles from molds

Nowadays, many manufacturers use ready-made soles. We create our own soles from molds. We utilize all of our know-how and innovation in our products in order to ensure not only comfort but also functionality and security; for instance, a shape that fits well to Japanese feet, with extra grip to prevent slippage, and so on.


Making wood molds for each model

We create wooden molds for every model since they play a significant role in creating good form fit. Feet come in a wide variety of sizes and/or shapes, so we create the best sandals and footwear we can using the data we collect and our superior know-how.

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Not just developing our own products, we also work with different industries.
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Integrated production system: from product design to distribution.
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