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Producing and distributing a wide variety of major brands’ products and popular lineups for men, women, kids, and infants

We produce and distribute a wide variety of brands that are popular with men and women of all ages. As we produce all of our products, our own and licensed brands, we start from planning and design in order to put out the products that meets the brand’s concept and foot comfort. We hope that you select our products for your lineups.

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Lineups and Brands

Let us introduce you to the products we produce and distribute, which we designed based on the brand’s concepts and the pursuit of comfort and functionality. We will send you our PDF catalogue for more detail. Please feel free to request one.

pure walker EDWIN Arnold Palmer pure walker EDWIN ellesse croissant peanutti Disney Arnold Palmer Baby EDWIN
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Promotion and Support

We provide our clients detailed support so they can fulfill their sales promotions effectively and trouble free. Please feel free to ask about our promotions and support.


Customer Comments

Here are some comments from people who purchased our products. Many people have actually realized what we pursue: foot comfort.

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Find out more about our “Sandal-Making Standards” or “Production and Sales Records” in the following content.

Here is the effort we make in order to realize great foot comfort.

Not just developing our own products, we also work with different industries.

Click here if you are considering of creating your original product(s).

Integrated production system: from product design to distribution.

Our production and sales records for our 60-year business history.