We are acting to contribute to our local community by volunteer. In 2006 of October, We have cooperated with Mr. Ken Noguchi, alpinist, to clean up the Mt. Fuji. We have enjoyed cleaning up like a treasure hunting with around 100 people not only from our company but also the person who has a passion to clean, mixing up with children and adults.

Cooperation for cleaning up the Mt. Fuji
~06’ Mt. Fuji Cleaning up tour with Mr. Ken Noguchi~


It was before 9 am on October 29th . Beautiful blue sky which had drastically changed welcomed the people who were gathering at JR Shizuoka station south not only workers of Daimatu Inc. but also general participants. Everyone looked like bubbling to shake their body in the refreshing air. They moved to Asagiri Heights by bus immediately. While they were in bus, everybody was lively. Mr. Ken Noguchi, alpinist, welcomed them at the Asagiri Arena so everybody waved their hand with smiles to him.

A sea of trees of the Mt. Fuji was seemed to be a wonderful green place. But we found so much wastes everywhere when we had step into. Children were absorbed in picking up the wastes before they know even though they were unwilling to dirty their clothes at first. It was like treasure hunting because they found many “big game” like a refrigerator, bike and else along the small pass. On that day, they collected more than 2 tons of wastes within 3 hours. Adults who had escorted their children were also getting their interests in cleaning up as good as their children. Every participant was filled with the satisfaction or fulfillment for their contribution to clean up the Mt. Fuji, not only the symbol of Japan but also of Shizuoka.

We will continue to support this cleaning up project of Mt. Fuji so we are looking forward to join with us.