Fit your feet, Fit your walk

There is a pair of sandals here. Let’s suppose I am in a shoe store and a passer-by happens to come walking in. She takes off her shoes and slips her feet into a pair of these sandals. These are no ordinary sandals. She lets the arches of her feet and her toes sink into the sandals to get a true sense of how they feel. She then takes a gentle step. We watch in great anticipation while standing quietly aside, waiting to see the expression on her face. If a look of satisfaction appears, we breathe a sigh of relief. Any sign of dissatisfaction, however, leads us to ponder intently what the reason for this might be.

We give great thought to what comfort really is when it comes to putting on and wearing footwear as we make our high-quality shoes and sandals. Thus, the designs of the soles and the footwear itself are all originals and are made using unique materials. There is a single common thought on the minds of our employees, no matter whether they are in design, production, sales or management: “What can I do to make the customers happy?” This common sense of purpose that all our employees share as they make our products is our company’s strength, as well as our source of pride.

It makes us happy when the shoes and sandals we make fit snugly around the feet of our customers to assist them almost unnoticeably in the everyday act of walking. Knowing that we have provided this simple bit of happiness to our customers serves as motivation to create even better products in the future. As this motivation spreads, it is an incredible feeling to know that you are working to make the world just a slightly better place.

It is our goal to create products that are loved by our customers. The essence of our mission is thus not only to create shoes and sandals that “Fit your feet, fit your walk”, as our slogan says, but to create ones that “fit your heart” as well.

Fit your feet, Fit your walk, and Fit your heart!

Yuichi Tanemoto, President