1950 March Tanemoto Seikichi Shoten, a manufacturer of lacquered traditional footwear, is incorporated to establish Daimatu Shoten, Co. Ltd.
1954 April The company headquarters and manufacturing plant are moved to 1-75 Miyamoto-cho in Shizuoka City.
September Pearl Mode, the product name of a new wooden sandal, is designed and manufactured. It becomes a nationwide hit and wins a national prize for inventions.
1957 February Daimatu enters the plastic sandal in a trade show for the first time. A shift is made from conventional wooden footwear to plastic sandals.
1961 May Construction of Fujieda Plant begins in Takasu, Fujieda City
September Company name changes to Daimatu Industry Co., Ltd.
1962 June Trademark rights contract formed with Walt Disney Company.
1963 January Daimatu designated as a model company for rationalization among small and medium enterprises by the Small and Medium Enterprises Agency.
1967 June Daimatu receives certification as a company contributing to exports by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
1969 September Shizuoka Plant is built in Nakajima, Shizuoka City.
1970 February Joint-venture company called PT Daimatu Indonesia established with Mitsubishi Corp. in Surabaya, Indonesia
1972 February Daimatu acquires plant building in Hyodayu, Fujieda City.
1973 June Five-story headquarters building constructed in Nishiwaki, Shizuoka City.
1975 June Chemical Shoes Division (Nakahara Plant) created in Nakahara, Shizuoka City.
August Daimatu acquires commercial warehouse in Sekigata, Yaizu City.
1979 June Daimatu acquires plant building in Midorigaoka, Shizuoka City.
November Chemical Shoes Division moved to Midorigaoka Plant.
1983 March Contract for rights to use Arnold Palmer trademark formed with IMG.
1990 January Fujieda Plant office and sewing factory built.
1991 February Nakajima Warehouse built in Nakajima, Shizuoka.
1999 January Product warehouse built at headquarters.
2001 October Daimatu acquires Yaizu Plant and begins operations.
2005 March Company name changes to Daimatu inc.
December Tokyo Sales Branch is established.